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Green Apple Mechanical is a Family owned and operated company, with the environment in mind, we are your one-stop shop for plumbing services

It all starts with a personal touch, immediate availability, taking the stress away from you.

Our years of experience take you beyond problem-solving and into avoiding

future problems altogether by educating you about how better you can maintain your equipment,

prepare for the changing seasons and how best to handle machines during off-seasons.


Fixing Plumbing issues in New Jersey for years!!

We’ve been rescuing New Jerseians from some messy plumbing situations for years. We are here to assist you whenever you need help, we know machines tend to break at the worst possible time, Thanksgiving – we’ve been there, middle of a snowstorm – that’s the time the boiler loves to break down, we’ve dealt with that too, a 5 day heat scorcher, AC gives up life – we know and we have been there to cool back your home and family.

We provide instant relief when it hurts the most, our phone operators take service orders at any time and connect you with one of our team members who know how to calm you down with a perfect solution you will not have to wait long for to come.

We’ve been taking service calls in northern and central New Jersey for years, we know the terrain, weather-related problem, style of home structures, we know the weak spots, the equipment and therefore can provide the fastest solution to the problem. Our summers are extremely hot and humid, our winter can be brutal and your home needs to weather it all. Our next job after the fix is alert you about year-round maintenance.

It Is Currently: Summer

With summer heat waves already hitting some parts of the country, we at Green Apple Mechanical would like to remind homeowners it is important know how to stay cool and recognize the signs of heat-related medical issues.

a combination of keeping one's surroundings cool and adjusting daily habits can help offset the effects of a heatwave. He offered the following tips for area residents to protect themselves when temperatures rise:

> Make sure the air conditioning unit is functioning properly. Homeowners should have their HVAC unit serviced at least once a year to ensure it will not malfunction when it is needed most.

> Use shades, curtains and awnings to keep the heat out. Keeping shades or curtains closed during the heat of the day can keep the sun's rays out and the cool air in. Using weatherstripping around doors and windows can also help.

> Stay indoors as much as possible. Residents should limit their time outdoors. If outdoor work is necessary, do it in the mornings and at dusk when the heat is minimized.

> Drink plenty of water. Water keeps the body hydrated, which helps it stay cool even when exposed to heat. Make sure any children, older adults or pets who live in the home also have access to plenty of water.

> Learn the signs of heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Each of these heat-related illnesses has its own set of symptoms. With heat cramps or exhaustion, providing water, a cool space, cold towels and rest can alleviate the problem. If a victim is overheated, vomiting, losing consciousness or refusing water, he or she may be having a heatstroke. Call 911 immediately.

Your energy bills can be lowered this summer with these great tips

The first thing to do if you aren’t getting cool air is to check your return vents to make sure they aren’t blocked.

Remember that your furnace is working 12 months out of the year… and you need to change out the filters regularly.

Walk outside to the unit and make sure the condenser is free and clear of plants, weeds, and other debris.

If you need some help,  call us at  201-300-5554

Clear your home’s drains of residue

Drains can get gunky and build up residue over time due to daily hand-washing, showering, and other tasks. While you’re performing your pre-summer maintenance tasks, it’s important to clean the drains to avoid unexpected clogs.

While some homeowners rely on commercial drain cleaners to get the job done, that’s not always the best or safest option. Consider using an all-natural and less expensive option to clean your drains.

We suggest pouring a half-cup of baking soda down the drain, then a half-cup of vinegar. The chemical reaction will help dissolve any clog. After 10 to 15 minutes, slowly pour hot water to clear out lingering residue.

If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, swap it out for lemon juice—the acidity of lemons can have a similar effect on cleaning your drains.

Clean the gutters ahead of summer rainstorms

Many plumbers consider gutters part of your plumbing system because they carry water away from your house. If gutters are overtopped with water, it can damage the home’s foundation and walls of the basement, creating cracks that may grow over time.

All kinds of debris can land in your gutters, including leaves, twigs, seeds, and even wind-borne trash like plastic bags.

When this happens, the first part of your home in danger of water damage is the roof, as pooling water can rot your fascia, shingles, and the edge of your roofline.

To clean your gutters, use a ladder on leveled ground that locks in place Hook an empty bucket to the top of the ladder to collect the debris you remove and be sure to use work gloves as you’re removing the debris.

Using a handheld garden tool such as a trowel can be useful while cleaning gutters and can help scrape up sludge from the bottom of the gutter. Once the gutter is clear, use a hose to wash it completely clean and ensure the water is flowing freely through the downspout.

Flush the water heater to remove built-up sediment

This is one of those annual tasks that should be tackled with the rest of your spring-cleaning. Throughout the year, calcium and magnesium that can accumulate in your water heater solidify, and potentially mix with dirt and other inclusions, becoming sediment that accumulates at the bottom of your tank. The sediment could increase the chances of a leak coming out of the bottom of the tank and prevent your water heater from heating as effectively.

Flushing your water heater is a generally simple task. All you will need is a hose that can connect tightly to the flushing valve on the side of your tank and a large bucket.

First, shut off the gas or electrical connection to your tank and connect the hose to the drain valve. Make sure the other end of the hose is in a large bucket or storm drain, open the drain valve, and let the water flow out. At the same time, open your temperature and pressure-relief valve.

If the bucket has sediment crystals in the bottom, then continue letting the water drain through. When new crystals stop appearing in the bottom, close the drain valve and let the tank refill. 

Then restart your pilot light or turn your electrical connection back on, and your tank should heat up again.

Inspect and maintain your septic tank

If your house runs on a septic system, it’s a good idea to make sure your septic tank is ready to handle the extra use that occurs during the summer. This means keeping your system well-maintained and practicing good septic hygiene.

Regular maintenance can help prevent problems before they occur, so you don’t end up with sewage backing up into your yard or home. How often you need inspection and maintenance depends on the specific type of system you have, but most need to be checked by an inspector at a minimum every three years.

He says a septic inspector will look for leaks, clogs, and other malfunctions and determine if the tank needs pumping to remove the solids, the frequency of which will depend on the size of your system, how many people use it, and how much waste you produce.

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Ce Zheng
Ce Zheng
01:25 30 Nov 21
I was kind of hesitated at the first, but this guy is very good actually.Not only he did a thorough check on my boiler (low water level issue), but also he adjust and fix stuff along the process of the examination.I would say, his most important characteristics being one of so many professionals in this area, is his... honesty.Honesty makes business goes a long way. I can tell he is honest because the other heating companies' technicians who I had experienced with are not honest! Look, sometimes as a technician, you may fool your clients and made him to pay for the repair that is not needed and not necessary. But once they found out the technician lied to him, the clients will walk away from the business forever.This guy is honest and experienced, very reasonable, and very rational, and no more
Genneral chaos
Genneral chaos
04:32 25 Oct 21
i’ve used them many times professional and quality work i’ve recommended them to everyone i know
M. Souza
M. Souza
20:10 07 Sep 21
Fast reply and visit. Very professional and friendly. Price was fair and service was high quality. They kept me informed, worked hard and left site clean and working. Highly recommended!
Sergio P (SIRealt)
Sergio P (SIRealt)
13:26 07 Sep 21
I chose this company in part because of the positive reviews and I have to say Green Apple Mechanical is the real deal and went above and beyond my expectations. Dean came over on a holiday, on time and solved our Heating/AC/Water Heater issue quickly and professionally. I highly recommend him and his company and... will continue to use them as needed in the future. Top notch business, A++read more
19:56 05 Sep 21
will be using this company from now on... same day service without the additional costs. Affordable and great work. Cleans up after themselves, & gives warranty for their work! thank you
Ramon Mesa
Ramon Mesa
23:32 11 Aug 21
Very fast professional work from Amro and his team. My hot water tank went bad and within minutes of a phone call he came and quickly replaced it. They even disposed of the hot water tank. Out of all plumbers I've contacted he was the only person who seemed serious and was not dodging the job.
Anthony Mendez
Anthony Mendez
02:43 08 Aug 21
AC just stopped working. The compressor died at 7pm today. Reached out to green Apple they picked up and had a tech out in 25 mins. Tech arrived was very professional and diagnosed the issue and replaced the part. Had my unit up and running within an hour. I truly appreciate the service. It’s a Saturday and I thought... I was outta luck until Monday. They saved my weekend and a house that felt like a sauna hot. Thanks guys. Don’t hesitate to hire them. Anthony from saddle more
Mike Roda
Mike Roda
03:25 07 Aug 21
Found a massive issue with my heating system, replaced it and saved me money and freezing nights ahead of winter. I'll forever be grateful!!
Lun Chen
Lun Chen
19:29 23 May 21
Quick and reasonably priced. Dean and company helped replace my water heater and furnace/AC all in around 5 hours.
21:21 01 Apr 21
Had an issue with my living room zone heat not working. Called Green Apple and Dean came, gave me a quote and went off to get the part. When they came back, it turned out to be a smaller issue and almost half the price of the original quote. He could have easily charged me the original and I would have never known.... Appreciate the honest and reliable more
donald moses
donald moses
14:54 12 Dec 20
Green Apple Mechanical was fast and efficient. We called them with an emergency boiler issue and they came within a couple hours , accessed the problem and repaired it that same night. They seem to be courteous professional friendly and wore masks. We highly recommend them.
R Dworak
R Dworak
00:05 29 Nov 20
Great, professional service on a Saturday night of a holiday weekend. Came in less than an hour. Fixed water main issue with reasonable rate. Highly recommended!! Would use again.
Leticia A
Leticia A
18:42 10 Nov 20
Amro and his assistant came right away to help us with our emergency situation. They unclog the drain of our tenants and next day they got the part we needed to fix the water heater and fixed it right away. Everything is up and running. Thank you so much!!They were quick, professional, clean and fair price.
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