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Green Apple Mechanical is a Family owned and operated company, with the environment in mind, we are your one-stop shop for plumbing services

It all starts with a personal touch, immediate availability, taking the stress away from you.

Our years of experience take you beyond problem-solving and into avoiding

future problems altogether by educating you about how better you can maintain your equipment,

prepare for the changing seasons and how best to handle machines during off-seasons.


Fixing Plumbing issues in New Jersey for years!!

We’ve been rescuing New Jerseians from some messy plumbing situations for years. We are here to assist you whenever you need help, we know machines tend to break at the worst possible time, Thanksgiving – we’ve been there, middle of a snowstorm – that’s the time the boiler loves to break down, we’ve dealt with that too, a 5 day heat scorcher, AC gives up life – we know and we have been there to cool back your home and family.

We provide instant relief when it hurts the most, our phone operators take service orders at any time and connect you with one of our team members who know how to calm you down with a perfect solution you will not have to wait long for to come.

We’ve been taking service calls in northern and central New Jersey for years, we know the terrain, weather-related problem, style of home structures, we know the weak spots, the equipment and therefore can provide the fastest solution to the problem. Our summers are extremely hot and humid, our winter can be brutal and your home needs to weather it all. Our next job after the fix is alert you about year-round maintenance.

Here are Common Spring Plumbing and HVAC Q&A

Q: Why is it important to get your plumbing and HVAC systems ready during the spring ahead of summer?

A: Getting your plumbing and HVAC systems ready during the spring is essential to ensure they are operating efficiently and effectively before the hot summer months arrive. Regular maintenance and inspections help identify any potential issues early on, preventing costly repairs and breakdowns when you need your systems the most.

Q: What steps can homeowners take to
prepare their plumbing for summer?

A: Homeowners can take several steps to prepare their plumbing for summer:

  1. Inspect outdoor faucets and hoses for leaks or damage.
  2. Clean gutters and downspouts to prevent clogs and water damage.
  3. Check for signs of leaks or water damage in basements and crawl spaces.
  4. Test sump pumps to ensure they are functioning properly.
  5. Schedule a professional plumbing inspection to identify and address any potential issues.
Q: How can homeowners prepare their HVAC systems for the summer season?

A: Homeowners can prepare their HVAC systems for summer by:

  1. Changing air filters to improve indoor air quality and system efficiency.
  2. Cleaning outdoor condenser units to remove dirt, debris, and vegetation.
  3. Checking refrigerant levels and recharging if necessary.
  4. Inspecting ductwork for leaks and sealing any gaps or cracks.
  5. Scheduling a professional HVAC tune-up to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency.
Q: What are the benefits of getting plumbing and HVAC systems ready for summer?

A: The benefits of preparing plumbing and HVAC systems for summer include:

  1. Improved energy efficiency, leading to lower utility bills.
  2. Enhanced indoor comfort and air quality.
  3. Prevention of costly repairs and breakdowns.
  4. Extended lifespan of plumbing and HVAC equipment.
  5. Peace of mind knowing that your systems are operating safely and reliably.
Q: When is the best time to schedule professional maintenance for plumbing and HVAC systems?

A: The best time to schedule professional maintenance for plumbing and HVAC systems is during the spring, before the peak summer season begins. This allows ample time to address any issues and ensure that your systems are ready to handle the increased demand for cooling and water usage that comes with warmer temperatures.

Q: What are some signs that indicate plumbing or HVAC systems may need professional attention?

A: Signs that plumbing or HVAC systems may need professional attention include:

  1. Leaks or water damage.
  2. Reduced airflow or uneven cooling/heating.
  3. Strange noises or odors coming from the system.
  4. High utility bills.
  5. Difficulty maintaining comfortable temperatures indoors.
Q: Can homeowners perform maintenance tasks on their plumbing and HVAC systems themselves?

A: While homeowners can perform some basic maintenance tasks on their plumbing and HVAC systems, such as changing air filters and cleaning vents, many tasks require the expertise of a professional technician. Professional maintenance ensures that systems are thoroughly inspected, tuned up, and repaired as needed to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

It Is Currently: Spring

Tackling Spring Plumbing Challenges: Tips to Keep Your System Flowing

As the flowers bloom and temperatures rise, spring brings a fresh set of challenges for homeowners to navigate, including potential plumbing issues that can arise after the winter months. From thawing frozen pipes to addressing clogs and leaks, staying ahead of these challenges is key to ensuring your plumbing system functions smoothly throughout the season. Here are some common plumbing issues to deal with in the spring and tips to keep your system flowing:

Thawing Frozen Pipes:

After a long winter, frozen pipes can be a common issue for homeowners, especially in colder climates. As temperatures rise in the spring, frozen pipes may begin to thaw, potentially leading to burst pipes and water damage. To prevent this, it's essential to take proactive measures to thaw frozen pipes safely and effectively. Use a hairdryer, heat lamp, or heating pad to gently warm the pipe, starting at the faucet end and working your way back toward the frozen area. Avoid using open flames or excessive heat, as this can damage the pipe and increase the risk of fire.

Inspecting Outdoor Plumbing:

With the arrival of spring, it's a good idea to inspect your outdoor plumbing fixtures and irrigation systems for any damage caused by freezing temperatures or winter weather. Check outdoor faucets, hoses, and sprinkler systems for leaks, cracks, or damage, and make any necessary repairs or replacements to prevent water waste and damage to your property. Ensure that outdoor faucets are properly insulated and have functioning shut-off valves to protect against freezing temperatures that may linger into the spring months.

Clearing Clogged Drains and Gutters:

Spring showers and melting snow can lead to an increase in water flow around your home, putting added pressure on your plumbing system and drainage infrastructure. To prevent clogged drains and gutters, regularly clean out debris such as leaves, twigs, and sediment that can accumulate and block water flow. Use a plumber's snake or drain auger to clear clogs in sinks, showers, and toilets, and consider installing drain guards or screens to catch debris before it enters your pipes.

Checking for Leaks and Water Damage:

Spring is an ideal time to check for any signs of leaks or water damage in your home, as melting snow and increased rainfall can exacerbate existing issues. Inspect plumbing fixtures, pipes, and appliances for signs of leaks, such as water stains, mold, or mildew, and repair any damaged seals, connections, or pipes to prevent further water damage and mold growth. Consider hiring a professional plumber to conduct a comprehensive leak detection inspection, especially if you suspect hidden leaks or moisture problems within your walls or ceilings.

Maintaining Water Heater Efficiency:

After working hard to keep your home warm during the winter months, your water heater may benefit from some springtime maintenance to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Drain and flush the tank to remove sediment buildup, which can reduce heating efficiency and shorten the lifespan of your water heater. Check the temperature and pressure relief valve for proper operation, and adjust the temperature settings as needed to prevent scalding and save energy. If your water heater is nearing the end of its lifespan or showing signs of wear and tear, consider replacing it with a more energy-efficient model to save money on utility bills and reduce your environmental impact.

By addressing these common plumbing issues and taking proactive steps to maintain your system, you can ensure that your plumbing remains in top condition throughout the spring and beyond. Whether you're thawing frozen pipes, inspecting outdoor plumbing fixtures, clearing clogged drains, checking for leaks and water damage, or maintaining water heater efficiency, investing time and effort into your plumbing system now can save you headaches and costly repairs down the road.

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Ryan Jeong
Ryan Jeong
19:07 23 Jul 22
I had my AC breakdown in this 97deg summer. Amro from Green Apple was super responsive, got to my home within a short time frame and fixed my AC. Highly recommend you give them a call!
Ce Zheng
Ce Zheng
01:25 30 Nov 21
I was kind of hesitated at the first, but this guy is very good actually.Not only he did a thorough check on my boiler (low water level issue), but also he adjust and fix stuff along the process of the examination.I would say, his most important characteristics being one of so many professionals in this area, is his... honesty.Honesty makes business goes a long way. I can tell he is honest because the other heating companies' technicians who I had experienced with are not honest! Look, sometimes as a technician, you may fool your clients and made him to pay for the repair that is not needed and not necessary. But once they found out the technician lied to him, the clients will walk away from the business forever.This guy is honest and experienced, very reasonable, and very rational, and no more
Genneral chaos
Genneral chaos
04:32 25 Oct 21
i’ve used them many times professional and quality work i’ve recommended them to everyone i know
M. Souza
M. Souza
20:10 07 Sep 21
Fast reply and visit. Very professional and friendly. Price was fair and service was high quality. They kept me informed, worked hard and left site clean and working. Highly recommended!
Sergio P (SIRealt)
Sergio P (SIRealt)
13:26 07 Sep 21
I chose this company in part because of the positive reviews and I have to say Green Apple Mechanical is the real deal and went above and beyond my expectations. Dean came over on a holiday, on time and solved our Heating/AC/Water Heater issue quickly and professionally. I highly recommend him and his company and... will continue to use them as needed in the future. Top notch business, A++read more
19:56 05 Sep 21
will be using this company from now on... same day service without the additional costs. Affordable and great work. Cleans up after themselves, & gives warranty for their work! thank you
Ramon Mesa
Ramon Mesa
23:32 11 Aug 21
Very fast professional work from Amro and his team. My hot water tank went bad and within minutes of a phone call he came and quickly replaced it. They even disposed of the hot water tank. Out of all plumbers I've contacted he was the only person who seemed serious and was not dodging the job.
Anthony Mendez
Anthony Mendez
02:43 08 Aug 21
AC just stopped working. The compressor died at 7pm today. Reached out to green Apple they picked up and had a tech out in 25 mins. Tech arrived was very professional and diagnosed the issue and replaced the part. Had my unit up and running within an hour. I truly appreciate the service. It’s a Saturday and I thought... I was outta luck until Monday. They saved my weekend and a house that felt like a sauna hot. Thanks guys. Don’t hesitate to hire them. Anthony from saddle more
Mike Roda
Mike Roda
03:25 07 Aug 21
Found a massive issue with my heating system, replaced it and saved me money and freezing nights ahead of winter. I'll forever be grateful!!
Lun Chen
Lun Chen
19:29 23 May 21
Quick and reasonably priced. Dean and company helped replace my water heater and furnace/AC all in around 5 hours.
21:21 01 Apr 21
Had an issue with my living room zone heat not working. Called Green Apple and Dean came, gave me a quote and went off to get the part. When they came back, it turned out to be a smaller issue and almost half the price of the original quote. He could have easily charged me the original and I would have never known.... Appreciate the honest and reliable more
donald moses
donald moses
14:54 12 Dec 20
Green Apple Mechanical was fast and efficient. We called them with an emergency boiler issue and they came within a couple hours , accessed the problem and repaired it that same night. They seem to be courteous professional friendly and wore masks. We highly recommend them.
R Dworak
R Dworak
00:05 29 Nov 20
Great, professional service on a Saturday night of a holiday weekend. Came in less than an hour. Fixed water main issue with reasonable rate. Highly recommended!! Would use again.
Leticia A
Leticia A
18:42 10 Nov 20
Amro and his assistant came right away to help us with our emergency situation. They unclog the drain of our tenants and next day they got the part we needed to fix the water heater and fixed it right away. Everything is up and running. Thank you so much!!They were quick, professional, clean and fair price.
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