Hot summers and bitter cold winters make having air conditioning and heating a necessity. So what are the advantages of a central system to keep us comfortable while saving energy?

You naturally want a system with the most benefits. Do you heat and cool centrally? Or room by room? If you are looking for efficiency, comfort and savings for air conditioning and heating, advantages of the central system win.

Get options with your central heating and cooling system

A central heating system is placed in one efficient location in your home. That boiler, furnace or heat pump heats air or water to distribute warmth throughout the rest of the system – the pipes or ducts – all over your home.

Once in place, central heating and air conditioning becomes part of your home’s structure and environment, inside and out. It’s good to weigh your options so you install the system that best suits your needs.

What do you prefer, water or air?

With hydronic heating with a boiler, water radiates warmth from in-floor pipes or radiators. Hydronic or radiant heating tends to be even, clean and quiet. The drawback? If you live in a region with very warm summer months, you don’t get ducts to support central air conditioning.

Most people choose a forced air system with ducts that can deliver warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer. The forced air systems don’t have the environmentally friendly reputation of the hydronic ones, but you can see how having both heating and cooling options in one system is very desirable in most provinces.

You can’t deny the powers of circulation and distribution

In a rural area not connected to natural gas lines? Avoiding electric heating because of rising costs or an aversion to coal-fired power plants? Are you considering a heat pump to save money and cut fossil fuel use? Every option has its charms, but each system has the advantages of the central system: effective circulation and even distribution of warm or cool air.

In fact, the standard list of advantages for any central heating and cooling system includes:

  1. Quick response to temperature changes
  2. Air filtration and adjusted humidity for comfortable, healthy indoor air
  3. Humidification and dehumidification with central air conditioning
  4. Year-round use for cleaning and circulating fresh air
  5. Safer indoor air quality than wood-burning stoves or inserts
  6. New technology with compact equipment and full automation
  7. Quiet operation with built-in vents and registers
  8. Lower fuel costs with heat pump options

Exploring your options for the best air conditioning and heating? Advantages of the central system are quite attractive. Just contact your local Green Apple Mechanical NJ heating and cooling contractor toll free at 888-611-7191 for more information.

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