What Temperature Should I Set My Central Air?

The DOE also recommends changing your thermostat and AC settings depending on the time of day and whether or not you are in your home.

Are You Experiencing Low Water Pressure?

 Low water pressure has a few possible causes. A water main break can reduce pressure to your tap – this could be the issue if your neighbors also suddenly experience low water pressure.

Save Big Money By Updating Your Thermostat

To optimize efficiency, thermostats need to be placed in a central location in a home.

Are You Prepared For These Summertime Plumbing Problems?

Too many dishes loaded into your dishwasher can interfere with the float assembly inside the device, which can cause the system to overfill and flood into your home.

How Can I Unclog A Sink That Won’t Drain?

Boiling water should be enough to melt through anything in your drain and clear out any clogs.

How Often Does My HVAC System Need To Be Serviced?

If you compare the cost of recurrent servicing of your HVAC with the cost of repairs and replacement, then you’ll value the need for maintenance.

How Extreme Heat Can Affect Your Plumbing System

Heat-related stresses on the pipes can cause erratic water flow, causing fluctuations in hot or cold water.

The Perfect Temperature For Your Central Air

If you dial your thermostat back seven to 10 degrees for eight hours a day, you can save 10 percent every year on your energy bills. 

Common Summer Plumbing Concerns

Keep on top of problems by regularly inspecting the washing machine hoses for wear and tear.

Why You Need Central Air During This Heatwave

Those same physical changes – higher heart rate and blood pressure that make us angry can also make it next to impossible to get a good night’s sleep.