Why Proactive HVAC Maintenance Matters This Fall

Waiting until something goes wrong could mean a delay in getting the service you need promptly.

Your HVAC System May Be Trying To Tell You Something With These Sounds

If the thumping is happening outside your home, the fan might be hitting metal or the compressor springs might be broken.

Simple Ways To Care For Your HVAC System This Winter

One of the most recommended ways of preparing your HVAC for the winter season is by scheduling a professional maintenance checkup with a Green Apple professional.

Is An Old Thermostat Draining Your Energy Bill?

The most significant benefit to upgrading your thermostat is the control you gain of the temperature in your home and the overall workings of your HVAC system.

Make Your Life Easier With An Updated Thermostat

Generally, it’s a good idea to replace your thermostat roughly as often as you replace your climate control systems.

Is It Time To Replace Your HVAC System?

On average, a furnace and air conditioner will last 10 to 15 years before the cost of HVAC repair begins to creep into the replacement zone.

Start The New Year Fresh With Clean Air Filters

A dirty air filter allows dust, dander, and even mold to keep circulating through your home.

Prevent Frozen Pipes By Maintaining Your Furnace

The first thing to do when your house gets cold is to check for simple problems with a simple solution.

Is Your HVAC Ready For Holiday Hosting?

The ability to have different temperatures in different rooms is a great way to add flexibility to the air comfort of your house.

Your Guide to Seasonal HVAC Maintenance

Even the best quality HVAC equipment needs regular maintenance each year to continue working how you expect.