You Could Waste Time on Your DIY HVAC Repair

A professional Green Apple HVAC appointment only takes a few hours. During the appointment, the Green Apple technician will inspect the whole unit and repair any broken parts. You could work on a project or hobby you enjoy while an HVAC specialist conducts an inspection.

If you try to save money by doing an HVAC repair on your own, you’ll lose hours of precious time troubleshooting the various parts of your system. You’ll waste even more time if you need to call a professional after you find out the unit is beyond your expertise.

3. You Need Specialized Tools for HVAC Projects

Green Apple HVAC technicians carry a special set of tools with them to be prepared for any HVAC project. To do the job yourself, you would need all of these tools on hand. Typically, Green Apple HVAC technicians bring each of these tools to their job sites:

  • Reciprocating saw blades: Green Apple HVAC technicians need to have a reciprocating saw blade on hand for cutting through metal and pipes within the unit.
  • 25-foot tape measure: Green Apple HVAC technicians use tape measures to evaluate the length of ducts, furnaces, vents, and AC units.
  • Multimeter: Electrical testers can detect live wires, measure resistance, and measure voltage. Green Apple HVAC technicians need multimeters to protect against electric shock.
  • Vacuum pump: A vacuum pump will help the technician remove the moisture in your refrigerant lines to find out if any lines are leaking.
  • Safety goggles: Green Apple HVAC technicians need to protect their eyes from dangerous chemicals and debris.
  • Tin snips: These sharp scissors help Green Apple HVAC specialists cut through ductwork.
  • Mobile HVAC software: Professional Green Apple HVAC companies provide mobile apps for their employees. From communicating with their supervisors to providing invoices for clients, Green Apple HVAC technicians use mobile software to save time while on the job.
  • Pipe wrench: Green Apple HVAC professionals use pipe wrenches to manipulate the pipes inside of the furnace.
  • Screwdrivers: A Green Apple HVAC technician will have a variety of screwdrivers to fix loose screws within an HVAC system. The screwdriver should have an insulated handle to protect against electric shock.
  • Cordless drill: A cordless drill can help the technician drill holes into closets or attics to install new wires.
  • Flashlight: A flashlight can help the HVAC technician see in hard-to-reach places.
  • Earplugs: An HVAC technician uses power tools all day. Earplugs protect their ears from damage due to excessive noise.

4. You Could Waste Money on Your DIY HVAC Repair

A faulty HVAC system will use more energy to regulate the temperature. You could waste money on your energy bill by leaving broken parts installed in your unit. Instead of risking the energy efficiency of your HVAC unit by trying to repair it on your own, you can call a Green Apple HVAC professional to provide the optimal energy efficiency for your unit.

You also could break your HVAC unit even more if you try to fix it yourself. Since all the pieces of the HVAC unit work together, any malfunctioning part will affect the performance of the whole unit. You may have to pay more in repair costs if a technician has to fix any mistakes you made while trying to do it yourself.

5. You Need HVAC Expertise

Your HVAC system is complex, with unique, sensitive parts. Even if you watch videos online to get an idea of how to fix your HVAC system, you are not an expert. If you lack what is for an HVAC technician considered common knowledge, you could damage the unit while trying to repair it on your own.

HVAC specialists go through school, which can last anywhere from six months to two years then, they will complete an apprenticeship, which typically lasts between three and five years. In addition to these years of extensive training, Green Apple HVAC specialists also need these skills to complete their daily tasks:

  • Working in uncomfortable places: Most often, HVAC units are in small spaces like attics or closets. HVAC technicians have to work in extreme temperatures due to malfunctioning HVAC units.
  • Awareness of local government regulations: HVAC technicians deal with natural gas, toxic chemicals, and recyclable material. They need to be aware of government regulations on how to handle and dispose of faulty parts.
  • Creative thinking: Since HVAC systems are complex machines, HVAC technicians need to know how each part affects the unit as a whole. HVAC technicians need to know how to brainstorm so they can troubleshoot the right parts of the unit.
  • Green Apple Mechanical are the experts you can trust. We have been serving the New Jersey area for years with professionalism and expertise. Customer service and care are always our number one priorities. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of your HVAC needs call us today toll-free at 888-611-7191

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