As we adjust to the autumn weather in New Jersey, it’s easy to push the idea of installing a new central A/C to the bottom of your to-do list. After all, next summer is a long way off, and you have more pressing things to do with your time and money. But fall is actually the best time of year for having serious A/C work or installation done in your New Jersey area home. Keep the following things in mind as you plan your fall home maintenance projects, and consider moving installing a new central A/C system to the top of your list.

Why Fall Makes Sense for A/C Installation

Saving money is the best reason for upgrading to a new air conditioner in the fall. Manufacturers cut prices on this year’s equipment models to clear their inventory in time to gear up for meeting the demand for furnaces, boilers and related equipment as winter weather approaches. Your local HVAC contractor can get great deals from suppliers trying to clean out their warehouses, and can pass those savings along to you.

By early fall, your HVAC contractor is winding down from the summer cooling crunch and has crews and equipment available for installing a new central A/C system or performing other cooling and heating work around your house. The contractor’s calendar is no longer dominated by emergency A/C repair calls due to the heat of summer, so you don’t have to wait as long to schedule your air conditioning project.

Autumn weather is ideal for A/C installation work or other renovation projects that require having your HVAC systems shut down for a few days. Your family can stay comfortable with the window open and enjoy the fresh fall breezes moving through your home while the installation work is going on in your basement, utility room or attic.

Combine A/C Installation With Other Home Energy Upgrades

Work with your HVAC professionals to consolidate several energy projects around your home so that you can save money on labor costs and minimize the number of days your family has to deal with construction noise and other disruptions. You are probably making a significant investment in installing a new central A/C system that is more energy efficient than your existing cooling equipment. Get the most out of your money by improving the energy efficiency of the rest of your home at the same time.

If you reduce your home’s cooling and heating demand by tightening up your house, you will save money not only in installing a more efficient air conditioner, but also by having to run it less than you would otherwise. In addition, those energy improvements will reduce your winter heating costs.

Here are some ideas to discuss with your HVAC contractor for improving your home’s energy efficiency at the same time you’re installing a new central A/C system. You may want to do some of this work yourself, but much of it can be done more cost-effectively by your HVAC technicians while they’re already at your house installing your air conditioner:

  • Seal air leaks. Reducing the amount of air moving into or out of your house can reduce your energy bills significantly. Caulk around door and window frames and anywhere utilities penetrate your home’s exterior walls. Replace weatherstripping to ensure tight seals when doors and windows are closed.
  • Be sure you have adequate insulation. If your attic insulation is insufficient for our climate, upgrading it can reduce your cooling and heating loads significantly. Have your HVAC contractor inspect your ductwork, anywhere ducts run through unconditioned spaces and add insulation to those sections if they’re not insulated. You will recover the money you spend on insulation quickly via reduced energy bills.
  • Inspect your furnace and perform seasonal maintenance on it. During your A/C installation, have your technician clean your furnace burner, inspect the heat exchanger and lubricate the air handling equipment. Have your ducts inspected and cleaned, if needed, and have any leaking seams and joints sealed. Change your air filter so your system is ready to go when the first cold front arrives.

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