Plumbing problems come in various sorts from minor issues, such as a burst pipe, to significant problems like major pipe leaks that can cause structural damage.

Plumbing problems come in various sorts from minor issues, such as a burst pipe, to significant problems like major pipe leaks that can cause structural damage. Sadly, most plumbing problems are undetected for some time until they develop into severe issues or cause major damage. Don’t allow a plumbing problem to disrupt your life or hurt your pockets. Prepare and prevent these issues by familiarizing yourself with common plumbing problems in most homes.


Most people have experienced a dripping faucet at some point in their homes. They can be irritating and costly because dripping faucets waste a lot of water. A single dripping faucet can waste away hundreds of gallons of water in a year. A stiff, dislodged, worn, or torn internal washer is a primary cause of dripping faucets. It is wise to hire a professional Green Apple NJ plumber to fix a dripping faucet as soon as you notice the problem before it escalates.


A blockage that restricts water flow is a primary cause of slow-draining sinks. Kitchen sink drains contain food remnants and congealed fat. Blockages in bathroom sinks are often due to soap and knotted hair. Homeowners in New Jersey may also experience this common plumbing problem due to the accumulation of foreign items in the sinks. The best way to fix a slow-draining sink is to hire a Green Apple plumber for an inspection and a cleaning using the right tools and products. It’s not wise to unclog a slow-draining sink with chemicals because some of them can harm your plumbing system.


Pipes constitute the enormous bulk of common plumbing problems. Most people who experience pipe issues are those who reside in old homes. Most pipes these days are made of PEX, while most old properties still use copper pipes. Copper pipes are affected by changes in temperature, which puts them at the risk of developing plumbing issues. Copper pipes are also prone to corrosion, and they require a lot of maintenance to keep them functional and free from leaks.


You can hardly notice toilet leaks. An internal toilet leak doesn’t always leave a mess on your bathroom floor. Instead, it causes a water leak in the tank, which can be costly if you don’t notice it early enough. A running toilet wastes away hundreds of gallons of water daily. One of the leading causes of running toilets is a faulty rubber flipper. They lose shape, making them unable to seal the toilet tank properly. Also, the chain attached to the rubber flipper can get twisted and cause toilet issues. Clogged toilets are also another common plumbing problem caused by a blockage due to foreign objects like wipes and paper. You need a plumber to inspect and fix this plumbing problem.


This plumbing problem isn’t easily noticeable, until when water suddenly goes cold as you take a shower. Several issues cause a faulty water heater, like a defective thermostat. Accumulation of sediment in the tank is also a common cause of this plumbing problem. It would be wise to get a plumber to inspect, maintain, and repair a faulty water heater.


The least of the plumbing issues you want to deal with is a sewer backup or any other form of sewer problem. Sadly, it’s a plumbing problem that you might face at some point. Sewer systems can back up and cause odors. Also, clogged sewer lines cause clogged drains. You can determine if your sewer line is faulty if every flush acts like a clog. Sinks that begin to pool water are also a sign of sewer issues. Green Apple NJ plumbers can handle all sewer line problems. You can also prevent this plumbing issue by scheduling regular maintenance of your sewer system.


One of the tell-tale signs of low water pressure issues is water that trickles out of taps rather than gushing out. Low water pressure problems are common in old buildings. Several things cause this plumbing problem, including broken, corroded, or worn-out pipes. An accumulation of mineral deposits and sediments on aerators often causes low water pressure in showers.


Winter frost is a considerable threat to water lines. It can break a water line with small leaks. It only needs to have a small crack for the pipe to split. Hire a Green Apple NJ plumber to inspect your water line for cracks and fix it before the cold months arrive. It will help in preventing water damage. Green Apple Mechanical & Plumbing NJ are the experts you can trust. We have been serving the New Jersey area for years with professionalism and expertise. Customer service and care are always our number one priorities. Call today toll-free free @201-300-5554 with any questions or concerns you may be having.

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