But proper preventative maintenance is essential to ensure your furnace runs smoothly and to avoid unwanted breakdowns.

Keeping your furnace working properly is an ongoing job for a homeowner. But proper preventative maintenance is essential to ensure your furnace runs smoothly and to avoid unwanted breakdowns. Whether you’re hoping to make your furnace run more efficiently or just looking to increase its life for a few more years, furnace maintenance is the answer. These simple furnace maintenance tips will keep your furnace working properly all winter long.

Your furnace filter helps to prevent dust and hair from clogging your furnace and keeps this debris from circulating throughout the air in your home. But it can quickly become clogged if you don’t replace or clean it regularly. When your furnace filter is full, it decreases your furnace’s efficiency by making work hard to pull air through the dirty filter.

The frequency in which you need to replace your filter will depend on a variety of things, from how often you clean your home to whether or not you have pets. So, while you may not need to replace your filter each month, it’s a good idea to at least check your furnace filter monthly for excess debris. If dust and hair are visible on the surface of the filter, it’s time to replace it or wash it if it’s reusable.

The registers throughout your home help your furnace keep your house heated evenly as it runs. So, another one of the best furnace maintenance tips is to keep your air registers open and clear of debris. If the registers in your home are closed off or blocked by furniture or other items, your furnace will be forced to work harder to evenly heat your house. Keeping your furnace running efficiently means ensuring your registers are clear to allow proper airflow throughout your home.

This may be one of the easiest furnace maintenance tips on the list install a programmable thermostat in your home. This simple addition will help you reduce your energy bill and reduce wear and tear on your furnace. That’s because it helps you set up a heating schedule for weekdays and weekends that helps your furnace run less when your family is away. And the best part about these smart thermostats is that they do most of the work for you the thermostat will learn your routine and adjust your home’s temperature accordingly after a few days.

While you may think ceiling fans are only good for cooling your home, they’re actually a great way to help your furnace run more efficiently, as well. Since heat naturally rises and collects at the ceiling of the room, using your ceiling fan to push this warm air back down into the room will help keep the space warm.

Keeping your furnace working properly with these furnace maintenance tips is a great way to ensure you’re doing your part to make your unit run efficiently. But it’s important to get a Green Apple professional opinion every year, as well. A furnace tune-up annually will allow our Green Apple technicians to scan your furnace for flaws, clean the unit, and make sure each element of the furnace is working at its best. In addition to allowing you to catch small problems before they turn into bigger issues, a Green Apple professional tune-up each year will also help you prevent sudden breakdowns during the cold winter months.

Ready to schedule your annual furnace tune-up? Give the team at Green Apple Mechanical a call. We also offer air conditioning cleaning and tune-up services at reasonable rates! Green Apple Mechanical NJ are the experts you can trust. We have been serving the New Jersey area for years with professionalism and expertise. Customer service and care are always our number one priorities. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of your HVAC or plumbing needs call today toll-free at 888-611-7191.

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