Even subtle tweaks to the plan of your house can change the way air circulates.

 The air coming out of it is suddenly less cool

The surest sign that the system is on its last leg is a sudden drop-off in cool air.

If your home thermostat is usually set at 72 and you have to turn it down to the mid-60s to get to a comfortable temperature, you might think it’s because the weather’s extra warm. If this is happening regularly, though, it’s time to call in a Green Apple Mechanical HVAC professional.

 Its 10th birthday is approaching

The average lifespan of your AC system is between 10 and 20 years, depending on the part of the country you live in. Living in a hot climate like South Florida or Arizona brings that number down to around eight years since you might need to run the AC year-round in those regions.

Maintenance both the kind you do yourself and the kind done by a pro can certainly help your AC run to the best of its ability even when you get to the upper part of the age range. Still, at a certain point, you’re better off replacing it with a newer and more efficient model (more advice on all of that below).

 Repair costs are adding up

We can all justify the repair cost over the replacement cost due to the pricing but is it the right thing to do? A quick fix might help your AC start blowing cooler in the short-term, but eventually you are going to have to invest in a replacement, and increased repair and servicing costs will add up over time, meaning the more cost-effective option may be to take the plunge on a new unit. If you have a system over 10 years old and the repair cost is $1000 or higher, replacement might be the way to go.

Plus, you may want to start the buying process before your current unit dies. “It might take several weeks for the new system to come in, especially given current supply chain issues.

 A remodel is changing the layout of your home

Even subtle tweaks to the plan of your house can change the way air circulates, so during a remodel — especially one that involves adding living space in the form of an addition or tearing down walls between rooms — it’s worth considering whether your current AC will suit your updated home.

If you add living space, this increases the load on a home and an undersized system can cause major problems for years to come, such as poor indoor air quality, added service calls, higher humidity, and most of all, much higher energy bills.

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