Without good plumbing, even the most basic tasks can become challenging or problematic.

Good performance in your home’s plumbing can help keep your household running smoothly. Without good plumbing, even the most basic tasks can become challenging or problematic. Knowing what to do to improve your plumbing performance can help you take care of your house and keep things flowing smoothly. These easy tips will help.

Use a Drain Strainer

A drain strainer is designed to catch hair and food before it flows down the drains. Using drain strainers at each sink or bathtub can help keep food and hair out of your drains and sewers, to prevent backups and clogs. To purchase the right kind of strainer for the type of drain that you’re protecting, measure the diameter of the drain before leaving for the store.

Check for Leaks

Sometimes it’s hard to tell when your home has leaks. You won’t always see a puddle on the floor or a gush of water under the sink. In fact, some leaks can go on for years without anyone knowing.

To know for sure if there is a leak somewhere in your home, start by checking the toilets. Place food dye in your toilet and let the colored water sit for at least 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, check the toilet bowl for colored water. If the toilet bowl is clear, your toilet is sound.

Next, turn off all water-using appliances and stop using the toilets, sinks, and other plumbing fixtures. Check the water meter, then wait about an hour and check the water meter again. If the water meter has not moved, this means your house has no leaks. If the water meter has moved, there is a leak somewhere on your property. Watch for signs of a leak in your house. Signs include:

  • Mold
  • Peeling paint and wallpaper
  • Sound of running water in the walls
  • Mysterious puddles or stains

Even if you can find no signs of a leak, have it leak investigated by a Green Apple plumber as soon as possible.

Discard Old Cooking Oil in the Trash, Not the Drain

Old cooking oil clogs drains by congealing along the walls of the pipes that lead to the sewer. You can prevent this from happening by throwing cooking oil away instead of dumping it down the drain. Allow cooking oil to cool after using it, then pour it into a disposable container and throw it away.

Clean Drains Regularly

Cleaning your drains regularly can help remove the gunk that prevents the drains from flowing well. To clean your drains, pour vinegar into the drains and let the vinegar sit for several hours. When you’re done, flush the vinegar away with hot water.

To clear a kitchen drain, pour baking soda into the pipe and pour vinegar on top of it. The vinegar will clear away debris like food, and baking soda can dislodge and break up fats and oils. After the mixture has been sitting in the drain for several hours, flush it away with hot water.

Insulate Pipes

Pipe insulation protects your plumbing from freezing temperatures while also keeping the hot water in your pipes hot. To insulate your pipes, purchase insulation sleeves of the right diameter for your pipes. Cut down the sleeves to the proper length using a utility knife, and then remove the paper backing from the adhesive inside the sleeves and wrap the insulating sleeves around the pipe. Do this to all exposed pipes in the home.

Work With an Experienced and Reputable Plumber

Working with an experienced and reputable plumber can help improve your home’s plumbing performance. Contact a Green Apple plumber when repairs are needed to avoid leaks and other problems with your plumbing and fixtures.

If you have more questions about how you can improve your home’s plumbing performance, contact Green Apple Plumbing & Mechanical today for more information. We’re always happy to help. Green Apple Plumbing & Mechanical has been serving the New Jersey area for years with professionalism and expertise. Customer service and care are always our number one priorities. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of your HVAC or plumbing needs call today toll-free at 888-315-5564

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