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testimonials-bg2-300x223Your HVAC unit—also called an outdoor or central air conditioner—keeps your home dry and cool during hot, humid months. As the warm summer days fade to chilly fall weather, it’s time to winterize the HVAC unit to safeguard against snow and ice. Winterizing your central air conditioner also prevents rust damage and keeps critters from nesting inside mechanical parts and we at Green Apple Mechanical can help you do just that.

GettyImages-155380380-480x480Weather extremes can be tough on your system, and you, so when your heating and cooling equipment breaks down, you need help fast! If your system is suffering, know that Green Apple Mechanical is here for you 24/7

GettyImages-172402567-300x200Sooner or later, every homeowner will have to deal with some kind of indoor air quality and comfort issue. Those issues can greatly impact your home’s environment as well as your health and safety. A lot of those issues can be kept at minimum with regular furnace, air conditioning and HVAC maintenance by an experienced HVAC technician. In combination with frequent service, the use of air cleaning devices like air-purifiers and dehumidifiers can get rid of bad air and greatly improve your home’s air quality. Green Apple Mechanical can make sure you indoor air quality is the best it can be so you can avoid things like allergies, or poor air circulation.

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