The bathroom is one of the most advantageous remodels a homeowner can provide to their home. It will increase your personal enjoyment when you transform a bathroom that is rather boring to a beautiful and serene place to relax in a steamy hot shower, or a relaxing soak in a tub with music piped in.

Perhaps your hot soak is how you unwind and plan to go all out with a warm and relaxing fireplace. Spa like bathrooms are popular and the fact is it takes expert installation for a truly professional grade remodel, whether the design is over the top or a simple upgrade in fixtures and plumbing.

Furthermore, if selling your home is in the near future, remodeling the bathroom will make a large impact on its resale value. Potential homeowners typically look for homes whose rooms don’t require a lot of work, and the bathroom is one of the two rooms that the majority of buyers want to be sleek and new. While a bathroom remodel increases your home’s value, it also increases the likelihood of receiving a contract from a potential buyer.

If your home is an older home, an additional factor to consider is the age of the piping. If the piping is older, and especially if it is galvanized piping, a bathroom remodel provides the opportunity to upgrade to modern, long lasting piping. Replacing worn piping assures you of an end to the leaks that are likely plaguing your home. It is a factor potential buyers will place in the plus column as they view potential homes for purchase. Repiping assures homeowners of reliable plumbing for many decades to come.

Green Apple Mechanical offers the expertise of professional plumbers. Our plumbers can handle all of your plumbing needs during the remodel of your bathroom, in a timely manner and with the worry free installation that only a professional plumber can provide.

Remodels are typically on a schedule, and a Green Apple Mechanical plumber will provide the timely and efficient completion of the plumbing job you require.

When you are ready to start on the serene and elegant bathroom of your dreams, give Green Apple Mechanical a call for the plumbing needs of your bathroom remodel. Our dedicated plumbers provide professional grade work, excel in their field, and provide respect for you and your property, as well as a commitment to honesty and integrity. Our work is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Some of our bathroom design features include:

  • Bathroom Sinks
  • Showers
  • Shower heads
  • Tubs
  • Toilets
  • Faucets
  • …and more!

As far as tubs and showers are concerned, we offer several options to suit your needs:

  • Shower-tub combinations
  • Standalone showers
  • Bathtubs
  • Hot tubs
  • Whirlpool tubs (Jacuzzi & Spa)
  • Walk-in tubs