Plumbing Inspection

If you suspect an issue with your home’s drains and plumbing lines, Green Apple Mechanical provides inspection services to pinpoint obstructions and other problems which can cause you trouble and lead to extensive repair or replacement needs if ignored.

A well-maintained plumbing system is essential for giving you access to clean water. You should regularly get your plumbing inspected. This practice can help you avoid plumbing issues that can occur if plumbing maintenance is ignored.

A frequently inspected plumbing system will save you a lot of fortune because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and preventing serious plumbing problems on your property is well worth it.

Even a small leak can damage your property.

The process of a preventative plumbing inspection

Preventative plumbing inspection is carried out to ensure that a plumbing system is working to its full capacity and that there are no problems with the system that can cause a sudden collapse.

A preventative plumbing inspection is just not about looking for leaking pipes; it is a process in which the system is checked for every possible complication.

Our skilled Green Apple Mechanical plumbers will make sure to check the following in a preventative inspection:

  • Our plumber will check the water pressure in your lines. High water pressure can damage plumbing fixtures while low water pressure is caused by the leaking underground water line.
  • Our plumber will examine fixtures, supply lines, and drains for water flow problems
  • The flow in kitchen sinks and drains is checked to make sure that they are not clogged.
  • Our plumber will check for running toilets that can cause your water bills to rise.
  • A drain camera will be inserted into the pipes to detect any possible clog build-up.
  • In addition to the plumbing inspection, our expert plumber will also check your washing appliances for any possible problem that can cause wastage of water.
  • Old pipes are checked carefully to see whether they should be replaced or not.
  • A technician will inspect all the filtration systems of the house.
  • Shut-off valves will also be checked carefully.

Benefits of preventative plumbing inspections

Prevention is better than the cure; it is not only less expensive but a lot more effective at times, the benefits of detecting a problem before it causes serious issues are as under:

●    Improved water flow

A regularly maintained plumbing system will be free of leaks, mineral buildup, or other plumbing issues. A good water flow is the added benefit you get from preventative plumbing inspections.

Due to leaks, mineral buildup, or other plumbing-related problems your plumbing system may suffer from a low water flow. Increased water flow is just an added benefit that may go along with regular plumbing maintenance.

●    Longer lifespan of the plumbing system

A regular inspection can help your pipes to be clog and leak-free which will make them long-lasting. The stress on your plumbing system shortens its lifespan and reduces the pressure of water flow.

An efficient Green Apple Mechanical plumber can help you extend the life of your pipes by detecting the problems in their initial stages. Moreover, our technician will also inspect your water heater and other fixtures so that they keep functioning smoothly for a longer duration.

●    Reduced water bills

The water wastage through leaking pipes and running toilets, or any other fixture, results in high utility bills. A professional drain cleaning service from Green Apple Mechanical will help you lower your bills by fixing the root cause of the wastage.

●    Better indoor air quality

A constant leak from faucets, pipes or any other fixtures causes mold and mildew to grow which are responsible for contributing to the poor air quality in your indoor environment. By contacting Green Apple Mechanical you can tackle these problems even before they arise.

●    Increased home efficiency

An experienced Green Apple Mechanical plumber will not only point out the problems with your plumbing system but at the same time, he will replace the faulty fixtures with the latest technology. The new fixture will keep a better water flow while consuming less energy and making your plumbing system more efficient.

●    Fewer repairs

Regular maintenance helps reduce the risk of a costly repair that a minor clog or a leaking pipe can cause. By hiring a drain cleaning service from Green Apple Mechanical you can fix minor plumbing issues early on before they can cause you the real damage.

Expensive plumbing repairs are often the result of small plumbing problems that were left unattended for a quite long time.

●    Lower risk of plumbing emergencies

Plumbing emergencies are devastating and destructive. The root cause of these emergencies is those hidden problems that build up with time, a clogged draining system is not only expensive to get fixed but it also causes inconvenience in your day-to-day work.

●     A healthier water system to drink from

Keeping your water tanks clean is vital for a healthy lifestyle.  A Green Apple Mechanical expert will provide you with a tank cleaning service that will eliminate all the bacteria that can harm your health.

These infestations can also damage the tank, costing you some valuable fortune to get it repaired. Therefore, it is essential to procure a well-trained Green Apple Mechanical plumber to ensure that your tanks are free from such contaminations.

●     A safer home

Green Apple Mechanicalrecommends getting your plumbing fixtures inspected to avoid potential harm. For example, an unattended water heating tank can cause devastating consequences.

A home with well-maintained plumbing systems is a lot safer than the ones who take their plumbing maintenance lightly.


In a nutshell, it’s better to be proactive than to be reactive, so hire a proficient Green Apple Mechanical plumber and say goodbye to all your plumbing-related complications.

We are just a call away!

Plumbing Maintenance

Neglecting plumbing maintenance and inspections can result in high water bills, reduction in your hot water supply, and appliance performance problems.
Waiting for signs of trouble can also result in the high costs of flood damage including floor and ceiling repairs, general damage recovery, mold in your carpets, walls, and hard-to-reach spots, and chaos for your family while the recovery is in process.
By using strategies like regular drain cleaning service by our team at Green Apple Mechanical, you can also avoid toilet and sink backups that result from the accumulation of clogs over time, often reaching the critical point at an inconvenient time, and frequently leading to damage and unsanitary conditions as well.
Ensure your home’s plumbing system and fixtures are working properly by undergoing regular plumbing maintenance.
Plumbing maintenance services keep your system and fixtures in top shape and working efficiently, which has the potential to save you money on your energy and water bills.

Keeping Toilets, Sinks, and Showers Flowing Saves Emergency Drain Cleaning Service Calls and Cleanup

Regular visits from our team to your home, annually or semi-annually for example, can ensure that your pipes are not slowly narrowing from grease, hair, objects, and other partial blockages that will gather additional material and eventually lead to stopped up sinks and toilets, overflowing showers, and emergency calls to our plumbers. With effective, professional equipment to clear the pipes and video inspection equipment to check for trouble, we can ensure that you’re starting fresh after every visit. Our experienced plumbers will also note any pipe damage, corrosion, and problematic joints that could accelerate the accumulation of future materials and result in more frequent clogs.

Other Drains and Wastewater Connections You Might Not Have Thought Of

Our drain cleaning service doesn’t just take care of the obvious kitchen and bathroom fixtures, we can also ensure that your laundry room drains for your washing machine and utility sink are clear and not preparing to back up when the machine is unattended. Backups can occur either from the machine’s drain itself onto the floor, or down that side and up into the utility sink all over your hand washed items or other tragic contamination.

We can also make sure that your washing machine supply lines are in good shape, and replace rubber ones with stainless steel mesh that lasts longer and is much less likely to make a mess. The ultimate flooding protection in most basements is a floor drain, which you may not even think about as it sits unused for years. Is it ready to handle a sudden flow of gallons of dirty water? If not, what in the area will get wet and damaged? Our drain cleaning service will help you be sure that your protective drains are functioning as designed. The same goes for sump pump installations, where the sump needs to be cleaned out periodically to ensure that the pump’s intake doesn’t jam.

Maintaining Water Supply Lines

Are your water supply lines and fixtures in good shape? Accidental damage or corrosion and wear from aging can lead to a leak from these pressurized lines, and one that may run for some time with costs reflected on your water bill and in remediation costs. In addition to our drain cleaning service, we recommend that you have a periodic plumbing inspection to look for problems, especially in pipe materials and quality that we may recognize as prone to failure over time. We also recommend protective devices including shutoff valves, leak sensors, and even a whole-house water supply shutoff that will use leak sensors as triggers to protect your home while you’re away. With sensors located by sinks and appliances, this early warning system can be worth a lot to you, and may be considered a premium factor by your insurance company.

Outdoor Plumbing Protection

Do you have plumbing that’s exposed to outdoor temperatures, either running outside for hose connections and water features, or passing through unheated areas of your home? We may not see as many cold snaps as other areas of the country, but when pipes freeze solid, they usually crack and burst, allowing water to gush forth when the pipe thaws. Once again, you’ll face the cost of water flowing until the damage is detected, and the harm to your home or landscaping that comes from gallons of water flowing over time, uncontrolled. We can perform insulation maintenance tasks, install self-draining faucets as a preventive measure, and reroute plumbing so it’s not exposed to cold temperatures. While we’re maintaining your outdoor plumbing, our drain cleaning service can identify and then clean out any drains in the pavement around your home, your pool, or your patio.

Sewer and Septic Maintenance

When multiple drains in the basement or first floor start to back up at the same time, or several toilets are becoming slow, these are signs that your sewer or septic line may need our drain cleaning service and possibly further maintenance and repair. After a video inspection, we may determine that a thorough drain cleaning service such as hydro jetting will clear a clog or mound of settled material. If we see pipe damage, root intrusion, or other issues that need repair, there are a number of solutions that may be possible, at lower cost and disruption than sewer pipe replacement. While homeowners consider sewer lines one of their potentially most expensive repair items, the savings gained by avoiding sewer backup and the resulting cleaning and sterilization are considerable as well.

Plumbing Repair

You never know when an emergency may occur. Sometimes we simply get caught up in our job, with the family, or life in general. The last thing you need is for a water tank, boiler or a pipe to interrupt the things that are so important to you. This is why Green Apple Mechanical offers 24-hour service, 365 days of the year.

Green Apple Mechanical is on call and ready for the times you cannot be. We come to your home prepared, and our service trucks are like rolling warehouses. We go to every job knowing that you don’t have time for a Plumber to go to the supply house- that’s why Green Apple Mechanical brings the supply house to you!

 Leak Repairs

Day or night, Green Apple Mechanical is here for you. If you can think of something that is leaking in your house, we can fix it. Drains, water lines, valves, fittings and everything in between.

Gas Piping & Fitting Service

Hire a Master Gas fitter from Green Apple Mechanical to repair or repipe your gas lines. We can bring your system up to code in no time! We are licensed for the installation of new “CSST” flexible gas lines, which can cut your installation time (and cost!) in half.

Toilets, Faucets & Sinks

For the repair of your faucets, tubs, or the installation of a new vanity sink, Green Apple Mechanical has you covered. Or is it time to get rid of that old 5-gallon flush toilet that takes 10 minutes to refill? We think so too. With our new High-Efficiency Toilets that consume a meager 1.28 GPF, the average household can save 25,000 gallons of freshwater annually!

Drain Cleaning & Drain Treatment

If the shower fills up to your ankles and the toilet backs up it’s time to call Green Apple Mechanical. We’ll clean those drains out completely, advise you towards proper service, and set you up with regular Drain Treatments to keep your drains running like a dream!

Sump Pumps & Sewage Ejectors

Instead of letting that basement water problem get out of hand, let Green Apple Mechanical help out. Groundwater sneaks up everywhere and can be disastrous, causing mold, property damage, and unsanitary conditions. Our sump pump systems can reduce the risk of flooding by pumping away groundwater, and notifying you with an alarm if the pump fails. Ask about our battery backup systems in the event of a power failure.

Sewage Ejectors are a major part of your home, responsible for discharging waste into the sewer system. When an ejector fails, it isn’t pretty. Luckily, at Green Apple Mechanical, we keep them on our rolling warehouses so we can get you back to normal in no time.

Dishwasher, Refrigerator & Stove Installation

Enjoy the wonderful benefits of your new appliances by selecting Green Apple Mechanical for their perfect installation! We treat your home and new appliances with the utmost care, which ensures that the equipment will be installed to last a lifetime. Your new appliances won’t sustain damage during install, and neither will your hardwood floors, tiles and countertops.

Kitchen & Bath Remodels

So the tub, the tile, the toilet and the sink match? And they’re pink? We’ve been in that bathroom before! For professional kitchen & bathroom remodeling service, count on Green Apple Mechanical. We work with your design to create the space that you truly want.

Water Filtration

Although New Jersey water is ranked high in quality, some of our distribution lines are still REALLY old. This results in some pretty nasty water coming out of your taps. If lugging cases of bottled water isn’t your thing, call Green Apple Mechanical for comprehensive water filtration solutions.

Green Apple Mechanical has the solution. Contact us for repair, replacement, or installation of these and more:


Repairing or Replacing

An air conditioning unit can be expensive, which means the last thing you want to do is purchase another one. However, sometimes repairing it might not be the best option. An older unit that has undergone multiple repairs should probably just be replaced. Other factors to consider include overall investment costs, long term operating costs and utility rates.

If you need air conditioner repair and service or you want to schedule a tune-up today, then be sure to contact Green Apple Mechanical today!