The Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait On HVAC Repairs

In order to keep your New Jersey home in the best shape, it’s important to complete repairs promptly.

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient With A New Thermostat

From upgrading to a smart thermostat system to simply relocating your current unit, there are many ways for homeowners to save on their total energy expenses.

What Happens If I don’t Service My HVAC System?

It is critical to maintain your HVAC system on a regular basis. An annual examination is normally suggested, however in areas where severe weather occurs, twice a year is not uncommon. Neglecting HVAC maintenance can lead to an inefficient system that only raises energy bills, a system that breaks down frequently, and a system that will most likely need to be replaced before its anticipated lifespan has passed.

Homeowners may choose to forego HVAC maintenance to save money in situations when the system appears to be in good working order, or they may simply forget to do so. Scheduling or signing up for services with Green Apple Mechanical NJ, whose personnel will remind you when it’s time for service, is critical. Routine maintenance aids in the system’s optimal performance. Failure to perform routine maintenance can lead to the following issues:

  • Wear And Tear

Machines and technology are subjected to wear and tear daily. It is quite rare for an electrical appliance to continue to perform as effectively as it did when it was first purchased for an extended period of time. Electrical equipment is expected to experience some wear and tear over time. The components in an air conditioner wear out as well, decreasing its performance. It is critical to seek air conditioning maintenance if you notice a significant drop in the efficiency of your air conditioner. The air conditioner should be checked regularly to ensure that wear and tear do not damage and decrease its performance. Servicing your air conditioner also allows you to eliminate any possible issues before they break down and become costly repairs.

  • Leaks

Several frequent circumstances might cause leaks in an HVAC unit such as when the drain hole is clogged or blocked, the condenser pump is malfunctioning, the seals on your unit aren’t tight, or when your hose is clogged or blocked. All of these problems can happen if your HVAC equipment isn’t properly maintained.

  • Unwanted Loud Noises

A well-maintained HVAC system should operate quietly and efficiently. When the air conditioner turns on, you should hear a faint hum, but otherwise, your HVAC system should run quietly in the background while you go about your day. You can notice loud or distracting noises emanating from your HVAC unit if you don’t maintain it properly. Maintaining your air conditioner might help you avoid this problem and keep it working as it should.

  • Dirty Filter

Pollen, allergies, dander, and other airborne particles that can harm your health are filtered out by an HVAC air filter. A decent air filter will provide you with high-quality indoor air that will not only minimize but also prevent the duration of illnesses. Airborne particles aren’t filtered when your air filter is unclean, instead, they enter your home through your ductwork and are breathed in by you and your family.

  • Insufficient Cooling Ability

Nothing is more aggravating than being hot and sweaty inside your house, especially on the hottest days of the year. Opening windows and turning on fans isn’t always enough. When the sun is beating down outside, you install your air conditioning system to enjoy cool comfort. It’s possible that if you don’t maintain your HVAC system, cold air will stop pouring out of your vents one day. Then you’ll be scrambling to get a technician to put things back together. If your home’s indoor comfort is important to you, keep your HVAC equipment in good working order to minimize cooling problems.

  • Filthy Blower

The blower in your HVAC system is responsible for circulating warm or cool air around your home. It takes more energy to run when it gets dirty, which raises your energy expenses. A blower will fail if it becomes too unclean, and if it fails, it is an indication that additional issues are on the way. Many HVAC professionals would advise you to replace your entire HVAC system if this happens.

  • Frequent Expensive Repairs

Homeowners that are proactive know that paying for HVAC repair now will save them money later. Regular maintenance can prevent or eliminate the need for more expensive and difficult repairs. Consider it an investment. You’ll come out ahead after your HVAC unit’s lifespan because you kept your expensive servicing calls to a minimum. A few dollars spent on maintenance now can prevent costly repair fees in the future.

  • Higher Energy Costs

When homeowners question what happens if they don’t have their air conditioners serviced regularly, the first thing they need to know is that their power bills will rise. A well-maintained air conditioner will have no issue cooling your home while also conserving electricity. However, if the AC unit is not well maintained, will have to work harder to achieve the same cooling results, ending up in higher energy costs.

There could be a number of causes for this and determining the cause usually necessitates an expert assessment. It may be time for some repairs if you notice an odd increase in your monthly expenditures after using your air conditioner. Even a simple cleaning can increase the energy efficiency of your HVAC equipment.

Green Apple Mechanical NJ are the experts you can trust. We have been serving the New Jersey area for years with professionalism and expertise. Customer service and care are always our number one priorities. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of your HVAC needs call us today toll-free at 888-611-7191

If I Don’t Service My HVAC System What Will Happen?

It is critical to maintain your HVAC system on a regular basis.

Is It Time To Update My Home Thermostat?

While replacing the home thermostat may not seem like an urgent task, it’s important to your home’s heating and cooling system.

Is HVAC Maintenance Really That Important?

The purpose of maintenance is to keep an HVAC system up and running with no surprise breakdowns.

How Long Does A Home Thermostat Last?

Even if your current thermostat seems to be operating fine, all thermostats have a shelf life, and they will eventually need to be replaced.

Details You Need To Know About Your HVAC System

If you use your unit more than normal or if your unit is older, your filter may need to be changed more often.

Is Your Central Air Trying To Tell You Something?

Many homeowners don’t really give their HVAC system a second thought until something goes wrong. However, regular maintenance is incredibly important for a well-working, energy-efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. An annual tune-up conducted twice a year, once for heating and once for cooling, can help you enjoy better indoor comfort all year long.

If it’s been a while, or you’ve never had a tune-up on your HVAC system, there are a few things you can keep an eye out for that indicate that it’s time to schedule your maintenance service. Knowing these signs can help you take the necessary steps to ensure that your heating and air conditioning systems continue working at peak efficiency throughout the summer, winter, and whenever you need them most.

Check out some of the common signs that your HVAC system needs maintenance below, or call Green Apple Mechanical NJ for HVAC maintenance in the New Jersey area.

Unexplained Increases on Your Energy Bills

When you’re running your heater or air conditioner fairly consistently, during the middle of winter or the peak of summer, for example, it’s normal to see increases in your monthly energy bill. Higher energy costs are just one of the unavoidable things that come with using your HVAC system. However, if you notice unusually high costs or unexplained increases on your energy bill, it’s pretty likely that your system isn’t working as efficiently as it should. It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg just to keep your home comfortable, and a properly working system typically won’t cause sudden increases in your bill. If you notice changes to your monthly energy costs, it’s probably time to schedule a tune-up. Our team at Green Apple can help you find out how you can see greater energy savings than ever before!

Little to No Air Flow

If you go to turn on your air conditioner only to find that there’s little or no air coming out of it, it’s time to schedule a tune-up. Poor airflow can be an indicator of a number of AC issues, so it’s best to have a Green Apple Mechanical professional technician check it out and provide a correct diagnosis. Whether the filter is clogged or the unit’s fan isn’t working, you’ll need reliable repairs in order to get your AC back up and running.

Loud, Unusual Noises Coming from Your Heater or AC

Don’t ignore that strange banging noise coming from your air conditioner or the unusual hissing emitting from your furnace. These and other loud, unexplained noises can be symptoms of a larger issue, and it’s best to address them early on to avoid serious breakdowns and major, costly AC  or heater repairs. While it might seem minor, unusual noises coming from your HVAC system are almost always an indication that there’s something wrong with the system. Schedule a tune-up service as soon as possible.

Frequent, Recurring Problems & Repairs

Sometimes, heating and cooling systems don’t break down completely all at once. Instead, they might work sporadically or encounter frequent issues that seem to resolve themselves for a short period of time, only to recur at a later date. If you’re experiencing constant issues and lots of necessary repairs for the HVAC system, it’s probably a sign that your system is nearing the end of its lifespan. By scheduling a heating or cooling system tune-up, you allow a Green Apple professional technician to take a look at your entire HVAC system and determine the best course of action. It’s possible that your system merely needs a few minor adjustments, a couple of simple repairs, or even a complete replacement. In fact, if you find yourself dealing with a finicky heater or AC, you might want to consider a replacement just to save yourself the time, money, and hassle of constant breakdowns. No matter the case, you can rely on our honest, professional team of highly trained Green Apple HVAC technicians to provide you with the right recommendation for your comfort, safety, and budget.

Reduced HVAC Efficiency

One of the most common signs that you may need HVAC maintenance is lowered energy efficiency. How can you tell if your heater or air conditioner isn’t as efficient as it used to be? Higher energy bills are one common sign, along with longer running times and more frequent cycling. Does it seem like your AC now has to run all day just to provide the same level of comfort that it once did after running for only a few hours? Is your heater running all night just to keep the house warm? These could be indicators of reduced HVAC efficiency. Additionally, if you notice discrepancies between the thermostat reading and how warm or cool your home feels, you might have an efficiency problem.

Your HVAC System Is More than 10 Years Old

While the exact lifespan of a given heating or cooling system differs depending on a few factors, most HVAC systems are designed to last for about a decade. With proper maintenance, this lifespan can be dramatically increased. If you have an older home or older HVAC system, it’s probably a good time to schedule a tune-up.

It’s Been a Year or Longer Since Your Last Tune-Up

At Green Apple Mechanical, we recommend that home and business owners alike invest in annual maintenance services for their heating and cooling systems. If it’s been a year or longer since you last had a technician out for an HVAC tune-up, pick up the phone and give Green Apple Mechanical a call! We’ll provide you with the reliable maintenance service you need to ensure that your system lasts you a long time. Green Apple Mechanical are the experts you can trust. We have been serving the New Jersey area for years with professionalism and expertise. Customer service and care are always our number one priorities. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of your HVAC needs call us today at 888-611-7191.

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