Spring Into Action For Your HVAC System

1. Schedule your seasonal HVAC tune-up

This is a simple task that only involves picking up the phone and calling your professional air-conditioning company and scheduling a preventative maintenance appointment. It’s extremely important to maintain your system year-round so it lasts for many years to come. You can’t skip an oil change for your car, so why miss a tune-up for your HVAC system? Your air conditioning system will run more efficiently this spring and you won’t have to worry about a break down on a hot day.

2. Check your furnace filter

Most filters have a one to three-month lifespan so you should be doing this all year long, but it’s especially important to check your filter before you start your AC unit for the first time. All the dust and debris the filter has collected will prevent your HVAC system from cooling efficiently. If your filter does not need to be changed quite yet, at least you checked and will be prepared when it’s time!
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Is Your Furnace Making This Sound?

Metal Against Metal

If you hear loud clanking and scraping, you could have a serious problem with your furnace’s blower wheel. Turn off your furnace immediately and wait until a professional Green Apple Mechanical NJ HVAC technician has had a chance to inspect the system

  • The blower fan may have come loose and is now hitting the blower house casing. If the blower wheel/fan isn’t too damaged, the repair should be quick and easy.
  • The blower fan may be broken and need professional replacement.
  • If the piece holding the motor and blower assembly together has broken, the whole assembly may have dropped and is now hitting the housing. A professional diagnosis is needed.
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Why You Should Never Flush “Flushable” Wipes

The best choice is not to flush wipes down the drain but to use toilet paper instead.
Many choose to use toilet paper and then finish off with a wet wipe, which gets thrown into the garbage. Those who continue flushing their wipes down the toilet will eventually have a problem with the clog, and this is not an if, but, or maybe, but a when, because this is something that will definitely happen.
The best choice is to look for wipes that have been proven to be quickly biodegradable and flushable, and it’s even wise to ask your Green Apple Mechanical plumber which type of wipes would be best for use in the toilet. You also will want to read the labels because many companies are being sued for misrepresenting wipes as flushable when they truly are not.

Get a Plumber to Come to Your Home

When you experience a clog, you may never know exactly what’s clogging your system, but if you know that you use wipes every day and flush them, then you can bet that it’s very likely that the wipes will eventually clog up your drains.
Getting a Green Apple Mechanical plumber out to do toilet repair and drain cleaning may be necessary, especially if you can’t flush the toilets because of the clog. The only thing you can hope for is that the clog is not too bad to where you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars to fix the problem, but it’s very likely to cost you hundreds of dollars when the problem has become bad enough to where there is a clog that’s caused by wet wipes.
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What You Should Do With Your Furnace This Spring

Get your system inspected. You should do this at least once per year. If you do it in the fall, it may not be necessary to do it again in the spring.
However, spring is an ideal time to attend to this task. This way you won’t freeze if it turns out that there is something wrong or if a part needs replacing. Few things are worse than waiting until the first cold snap of autumn to turn on the furnace, only to discover that it’s not working, and now you’re stuck with no heat while you wait for a new part to be ordered and installed.
For the same reasons, springtime is a great time to replace an old furnace or HVAC with a new one. Replacing a furnace usually takes some time, anywhere from days to weeks. Doing it in spring means you won’t go without heat and air conditioning during other times of the year when you really need it.
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Best Way To Keep Your Garbage Disposal Running

What NOT to Put in Your Garbage Disposal
Even the highest-quality garbage disposals are designed to handle a restricted range of food products. The list of items they should not be asked to grind up include the following:

  • Large animal bones
  • Grease or cooking oil
  • Fruit pits
  • High-fiber foods (lettuce, artichokes, onion skins, celery, etc.)
  • Potato or banana peels
  • Pasta, rice, beans and other foods that absorb water
  • Coffee grounds

These food items can clog drain pipes, jam or dull cutting blades, strain disposal motors, and create unpleasant but persistent odors. While you may not realize it, you’ll be shortening the lifespan of your disposal every time you ask it to process any of these substances.
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Why You Should Never Ignore A Plumbing Leak

  • A leak never gets better on its own. The flow may fluctuate, but once it starts, it won’t stop without a repair. Leaks are a sure sign that something is wrong, just as your gut instinct led you to believe.
  • A leak is usually caused by a mechanical malfunction. Your sink may need plumbing help in the form of a new part, such as a washer or rubber seal.
  • A leak could be a sign of an old pipe – another problem that must be addressed and inspected for damage. Weakened pipes almost always must be replaced.
  • A leak can can cause drywall damage, depending on where it’s located. It’s easy to forget that water travels, seeking the path of least resistance. Wet drywall often must be replaced, too.
  • A leak can cause mold damage. And the longer a leak has gone undetected, the more extensive the mold damage is likely to be. Fortunately, mold that is contained to a small area – that hasn’t “traveled” along the route of the water – is fairly simple to remedy.
  • A leak can damage floors, furniture and other items that the water has penetrated. If your home has ever incurred even 1 inch of water, you know how invasive water can be, often ruining everything in its way.
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What To Do When A Plunger Doesn’t Cut It

A plunger works by plugging a clog free with suction. Plungers are a fantastic tool, but it won’t work on every clog. If a clog is caused by something sturdy and stubborn like a tree root, you need a solution that is more powerful.
Usually, if a plunger doesn’t work, you can use a plumbing snake. If that doesn’t work, then you can try hydro jetting, which targets high-pressure water spray to break up and flush out clogs.
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Why Does My Drain Clog?

Why does my drain clog?

A common question Green Apple Mechanical NJ commonly gets relates to clogged drains.
Generally, clogged drains occur because people are not careful, particularly in the kitchen, about what goes down the drain.
For example, make sure to avoid:

  • pouring cooking oil (or fat) down the drain.
  • putting poultry skins (chicken, turkey), starchy (potato peels, rice), stringy (celery) or fibrous waste (coffee grinds, corn husks) down the drain.

Also, take some common sense and proactive steps, such as:

  • have the water running when you use the garbage disposal.
  • let the garbage disposal “catch up” after waste is poured down the drain.

To avoid clogged drains, be conscious and careful and you should avoid a clogged drain dilemma
If a clog occurs, then there is always baking soda and vinegar. The natural chemical reaction will help break up clogs.
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The Best Way To Care For Your HVAC System

Change filters regularly. Clogged air filters reduce airflow and make heating and cooling systems work longer and harder, consuming more energy and causing premature wear. Check system manuals, and change disposable filters regularly to keep air flowing freely. Clean filters mean less housework, too. Changed once a month, disposable filters clean the air of dirt, mold spores and pollen before it settles as dust on household surfaces.
Keep compressors free and clear. Central air conditioning and heat pump systems rely on outdoor compressor units to exchange hot air for cold. To do the job, these units need unobstructed surroundings. Each spring and fall, check the area around compressors for obstructions. Prune or trim any encroaching shrubs or plants. Remove leaves and debris from the sides and base of the unit. Make sure compressors are free to breathe!
Schedule service calls early. Heating and air conditioning systems require regular professional maintenance. Don’t wait for the first chilly night or hot day. Schedule tune-ups before the weather changes. You’ll have the service technician’s full attention.
Ask for advice. While your technician is on the premises, ask the service technician for advice about your heating and cooling systems. Most techs love talking about their job and are happy to give pointers on how to keep your unit running efficiently.
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Experiencing Low Water Pressure?

Is your shower head not performing like it used to? Over time mineral deposits can build up which can cause the nozzles to squirt water in all directions or clog up completely, leaving you with poor water pressure or low flow.
Here are our top tips to help get your shower head back to peak performance.

#1 Rub the Nozzles

Many shower heads have flexible rubber nozzles. You can dislodge mineral buildup in these nozzles by simply massaging each nozzle with your finger. You can also try gently scrubbing the nozzles with a toothbrush.

#2 Soak the Shower Head in Vinegar

There are a couple ways to do this:

  • If you prefer to leave the shower head attached to the pipe coming out of the wall, you can fill a plastic bag with vinegar and wrap it around the shower head.
    • Secure the bag around the head with a rubber band, tape, or a twist tie.
    • Leave the bag around the shower head for a few hours.
    • Remove the bag and turn on the water for a few minutes to clear the vinegar out of the shower head.
    • If this solution still doesn’t fix your problem there could be something else going on. Call your friends at Green Apple Mechanical NJ toll-free at 888-611-7191