Any good homeowner knows the importance of keeping up with maintenance around the home.

Any good homeowner knows the importance of keeping up with maintenance around the home. While New Jersey is an excellent state to live in, the weather is not always perfect year-round. Most residents rely heavily on their heating and air conditioning system to keep their families comfortable on warm summer days and cold winter nights. Not only are these systems relied on, but they are also a huge investment. As with any investment in your home, it is important to keep your air conditioner maintained and working properly to save money and protect it. Keeping your HVAC system working the way it should is as easy as scheduling regular maintenance visits from your local, professional Green Apple HVAC company. Most reputable companies, such as Green Apple Mechanical Heating and Cooling, recommend that homeowners in New Jersey have their AC systems tested and serviced at least one time yearly. A little bit of care and maintenance can go a long way to ensuring your system is running efficiently and won’t break down on you when you least expect it. Annual visits by a certified Green Apple HVAC technician will ensure your AC system lasts as long as it can.

Benefits Of Annual AC Maintenance By A Certified Professional Green Apple HVAC Technician

When you take the time to ensure your AC system is maintained on a regular basis, you will see there are many benefits of doing so. Not only will you keep your family cool and comfortable, but you will also save money on expensive and unnecessary repairs. Below are some of the top benefits New Jersey homeowners need to be aware of concerning the annual maintenance of an HVAC system by a professional.

Longer Lifespan For Unit

One of the main advantages of having your AC system serviced on a yearly basis is to help it last longer. The average lifespan for many air conditioners is between 10 and 20 years. However, homeowners in New Jersey may find that their systems can last up to 30 years when serviced properly by a Green Apple professional each year. The efficiency, durability, and dependability of your system will rely heavily on how well you keep it maintained. Lack of maintenance or poor maintenance could mean your system will need to be replaced much sooner. Oftentimes, the expense of having to replace your whole system is too much for many families when it is not expected.

Lower Your Utility Bills

Keeping your AC system maintained ensures that it will run efficiently. The main benefit of this is that it will perform better and not need to consume more energy than it has to. When your AC system is not maintained properly, it will not operate optimally. The more efficient your system is, the less your energy bills are going to be.

Fewer Repair Bills To Pay

Typically, AC systems that are regularly serviced will not need to be repaired quite as often as systems that are not maintained regularly. Scheduling annual maintenance visits by a professional Green Apple HVAC technician will give them the opportunity to diagnose issues within your system before they get worse and lead to a problematic and costly breakdown. Maintenance visits and small repairs are easier to fit into most families’ budgets compared to having to replace an entire AC system.

Peace Of Mind

Regularly serviced HVAC systems give homeowners peace of mind knowing that their system is at a smaller risk of breaking down when it’s needed most. Having your AC unit serviced annually will give your trusted Green Apple technician a chance to replace any parts which are worn out before they cause extensive and costly damage to the entire system.

Reliable Indoor Comfort

With sufficient preventive care for your system, you can expect it to work better and be optimized to ensure your comfort while indoors. Your family will appreciate having an AC system keeping them comfortable and that can be relied upon. No one wants the worry of having your unit break down during the hottest days or the coldest nights.

Better Air Circulation

Without regular maintenance, your AC system will not be able to circulate the air in your home properly. Regular service visits will ensure your system has proper ventilation to keep the air quality in your home clean and free of irritants such as allergens and dust.

Improved Air Quality

Trained Green Apple HVAC technicians are very familiar with the amount of dirt and debris that can collect within the unit. Without proper maintenance, these irritants can find their way into your home’s duct system and begin spreading throughout your entire house. If this is left untreated, you may also require additional expenditures such as getting your air ducts cleaned. Poor air quality can also lead to breathing problems. Aside from health issues caused by exposure to dirt, dust, and debris, you may notice the smell in your house is unpleasant because of the dirty contaminants.

Save Money On Parts

Another benefit of annual maintenance visits by a reputable HVAC technician is the ability to save money on replacement parts. Some homeowners make the mistake of believing they are saving money by skipping annual maintenance visits. However, the annual servicing and maintenance visits help prevent you from having to purchase unnecessary replacement parts or schedule costly repairs. Generally, repairs and replacement parts are more affordable when issues are caught early.

Guidelines For HVAC System Maintenance- Keeping Filters Clean

Now that you have more knowledge of the benefits of scheduling regular AC maintenance visits, there are also some guidelines you need to follow with regard to how your system is maintained between visits. Between your annual visits, most HVAC companies recommend that homeowners clean or replace their air filters on a regular basis. This is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to keep your system functioning efficiently. When you have a dirty or clogged filter, it will make your system work harder and use more electricity. In turn, you will notice your bill each month go up because of it. Not only can this increase your utility bill, but it can also raise the risk of your whole system breaking down. Most AC systems require the replacement of their filters at least once a month.

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