The old phrase “no news is good news” definitely applies to the plumbing in any New Jersey area home.

The old phrase “no news is good news” definitely applies to the plumbing in any New Jersey area home. If you don’t see, hear, or smell anything strange, your pipes are probably functioning well. Unfortunately, however, things don’t always go as planned, especially if you live in one of the city’s older properties. From whirling to banging to screeching, here are some of the most common plumbing warning signs might mean and a few expert Green Apple plumbing tips for fixing them.

Five Weird Sounds That Could Be Plumbing Warning Signs

1. Rattling

As water moves through your pipes, they naturally shake a little. Normal shaking is silent, however, not loud and Rattley.

  • Cause: Rattling is often caused by loosely secured pipes. Either the pipes’ mounting straps have slackened or a part of the wall has broken away.
  • Solution: If the mounting straps are loose, they can be tightened fairly easily. If they have pulled away or the wall has deteriorated, you may need to replace the parts and or patch up the wall.

2. Banging

Banging is similar to rattling but usually sounds a bit sharper.

  • Cause: Depending on the pipe’s size and location, banging could be caused by loose mounting. However, it’s often the result of a malfunctioning water hammer, broken water hammer arrestor, or excessively high water pressure.
  • Solution: The solution to banging really depends on the cause. Since many issues could be at play, it’s probably best to call a professional Green Apple NJ Plumber rather than attempt a DIY fix.

3. Screeching

High-pitched screeching sounds are most commonly emitted whenever you turn on a faucet.

  • Cause: Although screeching noises can be quite off-putting, the cause is usually rather small just a defective valve in the faucet.
  • Solution: Typically, screeching can be fixed with a simple parts replacement.

4. Rumbling

Rumbling or grumbling may point to a problem not with your pipes but rather your water heater.

  • Cause: As you use your water heater over time, sediment builds up in the bottom of the tank. When this sediment heats up, it causes trapped water to boil and gurgle.
  • Solution: You or a Green Apple plumber can drain the watery sediment through a pipe at the bottom of the unit. Be careful, though! If you aren’t familiar with your water heater, it’s easy to get burned.

5. Gurgling

Gurgling noises sound pretty gross, and once you learn the cause, it’s no surprise why.

  • Cause: Gurgling generally points to a clog in your pipes. Clogs are comprised of hair, pet dander, household debris, built-up sediment, and minerals, or even dead vermin.
  • Solution: If caused by a single clog, gurgling noises may be fixable with drain cleaner or a plumber’s snake. If you hear gurgling in one location as water drains from a completely different location, however, you may have a system-wide clog on your hands. This may require a full plumbing check-up and/or new drain vent installations.

It’s not uncommon for New Jersey houses to make noise, and just because you hear something doesn’t mean something is wrong. The only way to know for certain to is call a certified local plumber like Green Apple plumber.

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