Manufacturers know when a product is in the highest demand, and they tend to price it accordingly.


Summer is the time of year when people in the New Jersey area use their air conditioners the most. Manufacturers know when a product is in the highest demand, and they tend to price it accordingly. Consequently, summertime is probably the most expensive season in which to purchase a new cooling system. Spring is better, and you won’t feel as much pressure to get the chore accomplished. Fall is even better yet. The swelting summer temperatures have gone down, and so have the prices. You might even find a really good deal on excellent equipment. After all, no one else is really thinking about it because they’re starting to feel cold. Manufacturers and suppliers sometimes lower the costs of the units to clear their stock and make room for new models.

There’s another component to this seasonal logic. Summer is also when air conditioners tend to break. That means that HVAC professionals are swamped by service calls and repair emergencies. They’re often so busy during this time of year that it’s hard to schedule discretionary work like replacing a customer’s AC with an upgrade. If you think about it, you’ll realize they’re pretty busy in the winter as well. The best time to schedule your AC installation is in the spring or fall. Your technicians will thank you, and they’ll have even more time to focus on your particular concerns.


Purchasing a new home cooling system is a big investment you should not take lightly. There are many things to think about. What type of equipment do you want and need? Correct sizing is vitally important to operational efficiency. You should carefully look over the warranty. And, as we’ve seen here, the time to buy and install the system is another key factor. If your AC unit does not need urgent replacement, take your time to do all the research this purchase requires. You should also inquire about discount offers and investigate possible rebates or tax incentives for upgrading your unit. Compare prices to help you make an informed decision and save money. Then, choose the ideal time to have the equipment installed.

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