Soon, your air conditioner will be working overtime to keep you cool indoors.

Spring is gearing up and summer is on the horizon. In the world of HVAC, it’s the kickoff of the cooling season. Soon, your air conditioner will be working overtime to keep you cool indoors. HVAC systems are built to last and primed to churn out cool air month after month with no time off. To effectively meet your home’s cooling needs, your air conditioner needs annual maintenance for optimal performance. There are other benefits that homeowners enjoy with seasonal air conditioning tune-ups. Here are some of them:

Fewer Air Conditioning Repairs

When your AC gets annual maintenance prior to the first warm days of the season, it’s being prepared to withstand the rigors of 24/7 performance. However, when cooling systems are neglected, warmer temperatures can do a number on those units. Poorly-maintained air conditioners are 95 percent more likely to break down than their well-maintained counterparts. HVAC contractors are at their busiest during summer peak seasons with AC repairs and AC replacements. Anyone who suffers a breakdown will usually wait hours or days for the first available technician. Fortunately, with spring maintenance, you can avoid all of that. Well-maintained systems can even make it to the end of their service lives without needing a single AC repair.

Longer System Lifespan

The average air conditioner will have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. With excellent maintenance, the unit might last for 25 years or more. On the other hand, with spotty, poor, or no maintenance, your system might not even make it to 10 years. AC replacement is an expensive proposition, so it pays to keep your existing air conditioner in the best possible condition. You can help your air conditioner to stay healthy and live longer if you change the air filter every 30 to 90 days without fail.

Lower Utility Bills

With annual AC tune-ups come lower monthly energy costs. Studies show that the savings could be as high as 40 percent. After a season of hard work, your air conditioner builds up a thick coating of goop. That filth impedes performance and makes your AC overwork. That, in turn, drives up utility bills. If the system is cleaned and serviced annually, that grunge doesn’t get a chance to build up and interfere with energy-efficient system performance.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

You might not have thought about how much havoc a dirty air conditioner and a clogged air filter could wreak on your home front. AC filters are designed to catch dirt, dust, and other pollutants and keep them out of your air conditioner. By keeping the unit and its filter clean, you prevent the collective grunge in your filter and air conditioner from blowing into your home and contaminating your indoor air. If anyone in your family complains of nausea, fatigue, headaches, and sinus issues that clear up when they go outside, poor indoor air quality may be to blame, and it might be a product of your air conditioner.

Uninterrupted Warranty Coverage

If something should happen to your system, you’ll have to show proof that you’ve had the unit serviced every year. If you can’t show proof, the required AC repair or replacement might not be covered. You’ll have to pay all of your expenses yourself, and the amount could be staggering.

A Safer Home

Some house fires are caused by faulty electrical connections. It’s vital to keep your air conditioner in a safe condition to avoid any possibility of a fire. During annual AC tune-ups, your service technician will test all electrical connections for safe operation. That greatly decreases the possibility that an electrical problem could go undetected. Your HVAC system is one of only a few appliances that’s running in your home 24/7 for months at a time. Keeping it in good working order is therefore especially important.

Property Damage Prevention

An important part of an AC tune-up is checking and cleaning the condensate drain line and the drain pan. Your air conditioner’s drain line can easily become clogged with algae, dirt, and mold. When that happens, the moisture that your AC extracts from indoor air has nowhere to go. Instead, it backs up into the system or leaks out on the floor. A clogged drain line can cause your air conditioner to freeze up. Plaster walls, drywall, and ceiling may develop leaks and stains. A leak that’s too close to an electrical connection could cause a fire. Finally, your condensate drain pan can develop bacterial growth and emit a foul odor.

Problems Are Stopped Before They Start

Preventive maintenance involves a thorough, head-to-toe examination and cleaning of your air conditioner. During that time, an experienced Green Apple HVAC technician can quickly identify and correct small system glitches before they morph into big deals. Your Green Apple service tech can also replace any parts that are going bad before they stop working and damage other parts of your system. Because part of a tune-up is checking the refrigerant level, your Green Apple technician can catch any leaks before they escalate and cause your air conditioner to blow hot air.

Enhanced Indoor Comfort

After Green Apple HVAC maintenance, your air conditioner will be on top of its game. During maintenance, it will be deep cleaned, thoroughly inspected, and brought, as much as possible, to a like-new condition. A finely tuned air conditioner will keep your home more comfortable. It will do a better job of removing indoor humidity. It will reduce the incidence of hot and cold spots and deliver a smoother and more consistent cool airflow.

Increased Air Conditioner Reliability

When your AC is primed for high performance and has no discernible issues, the unit is set to cruise through the summer with ease. It won’t be affected by temperature changes outdoors, and because it has no weak links caused by a lack of maintenance, even the hottest temperatures won’t pose a challenge. You can go on vacation and trust that your air conditioner will be busily at work keeping your home at the desired temperature. You can entertain guests indoors at home and be reasonably sure that your air conditioner won’t crash while you’re making dinner and the house is excessively hot.

Greater Peace of Mind

Once you have air conditioner maintenance out of the way, you can get on with enjoying the summer without any worries about air conditioner breakdown. After the system has been serviced, you may experience improved indoor comfort. Improvement is most pronounced when your air conditioner hasn’t been serviced for a while.

Green Apple HVAC has been serving the local New Jersey community by supplying high-quality HVAC maintenance services to homeowners for many years. We’re all about maintenance because we’ve seen firsthand what poor maintenance does to an air conditioner. Preventive maintenance is more than just cleaning and examining the unit. It’s an investment in your indoor comfort, in your air conditioner, and in your pocketbook that offers a generous return on investment. Customer service and care are always our number one priorities. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of your HVAC or plumbing needs call us today toll-free at 888-611-7191

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